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Social Media Story, Post & Reels Plus Business Building Schedules

Helping You To Put Together Your Amazing Social Media Presence To Attract New Clients In An Instant!

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Option 10 What you get

Save hundreds of hours with over 380 social media brow, lip, & eyeliner consultations and call-to-action editable templates and video reels. Not sure when and where to post? Don’t worry also included in this brilliant package is a fully editable daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule planner. So whether you’re looking to have permanent makeup as a side hustle to your existing career or you want to be a fully booked full-time permanent makeup technician, these have all been generated to help inspire you to do just that.

Also includes how to edit video guides to make them your own.   

These colour, fun and engaging templates will help you stand out from the permanent makeup crowd, and appear busier, more helpful and more friendly than the average permanent makeup artist. 

12 x Video Reels

  • 4 x Facebook reels
  • 4 x Instagram reels
  • 4 x Tiktok

376 x Social Media Templates

  • 64 x Facebook Brow Templates
  • 62 x Facebook Lip Templates
  • 62 x Facebook Eyeliner Templates
  • 64 x Instagram Brow Templates
  • 62 x Instagram Lip Templates
  • 62 x Instagram Eyeliner Templates

Daily, Weekly & Annual Schedules

  • 4 x Full-time weekly planners editable templates
  • 4 x Part-time weekly planners editable templates
  • 1 x Full-time 2-year monthly planner
  • 1 x Part-time 2-year monthly planner


Log into Canva or create a free account if you don’t already have one.

Click Here.


Watch the Canva explainer video to see how you can edit the social media templates so that you can make them your own, with your own branding and images. These templates are designed using our own paid-for images and are to help inspire you to come up with similar ideas for your own social media posts and promotions etc..  Feel free to use our ideas replacing the images with your own to create eye-catching and engaging posts for your own social media accounts & promotions.


Now get creative using the professionally pre-designed social media templates for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Just decide which platforms suit you and your clients the best and start creating eye-catching social media posts and reels.


Keep on track with a well-planned out business and social media posting schedule.

Use the daily, weekly & monthly editable planning schedules. You’ll become incredibly organised and constantly in touch with existing and new clients to keep building your momentum.  You’ll never be left wondering what to do next as you move your permanent makeup business forward like it’s on steroids.