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Using Your Online Training Resources

Whilst it's always a challenge to cater for every combination of electronic device and web browser software combination, we have tried to cover most bases. The Video, Audio, and PDF transcripts on this site should be accessible from any platform. However there are a few restraints when it comes to successful viewing of videos in some browsers on mobile devices and tablets. Everything should stream on normal desktop or laptop computers, but again make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser installed to avoid problems.

PC & Mac Desktop/Laptop Browsers

We recommend using either Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browsers for best play back experience for the videos on this site. We have found Internet Explorer to be problematic and don't recommend using it. Microsoft have announced that they will no longer continue to develop internet explorer beyond its current version.
Update 31May 2016:
Chrome ver. 42 has removed the automatic ability of the browser to read PDF files. If you use Chrome please add a suitable pdf viewer plugin which will allow you to access the pdf content on this site.

Apple Portable Device Users

If you have an Apple Mac computer or use any of apples portable devices such as an iPhone or iPad, then everything should work first time using the safari browser.

Android Portable Device Users

If you use other devices such as phones or tablets that run the Android operating system then the default browser (In versions earlier than V 4.4 Kit-Kat) may not play the videos correctly. From our current trials we have found the Flash Fox browser for android to work well, which can be easily downloaded from the Play Store for free.

Windows Portable Device Users

We have not tested phones or tablet devices running versions of the windows operating system. If you have one of these devices you may have to experiment with available browsers for your device.

I Press Play on Videos & Nothing Happens?

When you click play on any of the videos on the site, it may take a few seconds before the video starts to play. This is due to the size of the video and the time it takes to get from the website to your device. So, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the speed of your computer or device, and which web browser you are using, will have an effect on how quickly the video will start to play.

My Video Stops and Starts?

When you press play and the video starts to play it is possible for the play back to be stuttering or stops and starts. Again this is normally due to a combination of factors. If you experience this then pause the video for 20-30 seconds. What this does is allow the video to download to your device ahead of you watching it, rather at the same time. This method should ensure you get good playback of the video.

Ask For Help/Advice Using This Site

Please let us know if you struggle to access the content on your preferred device and we will provide assistance whenever possible. Use the form below to provide details.
Please supply: The Make and Model of the device that you are using, The devices Operating System Name and Version number, and The Web Browser name and version number that you are using.
This will help us understand the combination of device and software you using to access the sites content.
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