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April 06, 2021

Sadly it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the permanent makeup industry.

its not all rainbows and unicorns in the permanent makeup industry

Unfortunately, far too many technicians reach out to me from all over the world to tell me that they paid a small fortune to their training provider, only to be left feeling completely unconfident, unsupported and inadequately equipped to go out and perform permanent makeup on there clients.

If this is you then try not to worry. I’ve helped hundreds of other permanent makeup artists get back to building their dream business in permanent makeup, only this time around a little wiser.  Sadly you don’t know what you don’t know, but I assure you, nothing has been wasted and you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where your gaps in knowledge and weaknesses lie…
And there is still hope for you yet to get your permanent makeup career back on track if you had the right support and the right mentor.
Many problems in the industry start with too many technicians being ‘packed into a room like sardines’.  They feel like they didn’t get the one to one attention that they needed or simply just felt too stupid to ask questions in such a large and intimidating classroom environment…

Here I expose the 6 biggest myths/secrets in the permanent makeup training industry that you need to know …

Myths and secrets in Permanent Makeup

#Industry Secret 1. Your Trainers Expertise Was Not Made Clear Before You Booked On …


Did you know your trainer? Some companies, especially those who have multiple locations, will simply find a freelance trainer once you have put your money down.

Many training companies only require their contract trainers to have just one years experience! So it can be a bit of a gamble with your hard-earned money. “Pot Luck” springs to mind.
Unfortunately, many of the big training companies employ trainers to show large groups of technicians how to work machinery. Not all of these trainers have had success at running their own permanent makeup business. So it’s hard for them to teach you what they haven’t experienced.
Before becoming a trainer myself I had over 50 nation-wide permanent makeup clinics and I still have the same team now that helped me build them. Only now they help and mentor my students.

Not getting the attention in permanent makeup training

#Industry Secret 2. Your Precious Time With Your Permanent Makeup Trainer is Divided


If you were crammed into a large class of other permanent makeup artists then you know what it is like to have a trainer whose attention is divided between 5-20 students in the same class.

You simply do not get all your questions asked/answered. Or you feel too stupid to ask a question if it didn’t sink in first time around.

There is nothing worse than being thrown in a classroom of students that do not have your skill level or experience. For example, those that have never been in the hair & beauty industry before have to start from absolute scratch. It’s an almost impossible task for the trainer to train everyone effectively when they’re all at completely different starting points and from all walks of life.

Use the best Permanent Makeup Supplies

#Industry Secret 3. Your Freedom to Choose Was Completely Eliminated. You’re Not Using the Best Stuff


As a former salon owner and self-employed nail technician, I know the importance of getting it right when it comes to suppliers.

The largest and most secretive part of training in permanent makeup is that depending on the training provider you choose, you could be locked into buying only their products FOREVER, and let me tell you that they are having a laugh when it comes to repurchasing things like needles and inks.

Most training companies will white label their machinery (i.e. put their brand on a generic machine) and put a locking mechanism into the needle system so that they can charge you – wait for it … 17 times the price of what myself and my students pay for the exact same needle!!
Don’t even get me started on pigment markup.

Worst of all, if you find better stuff they may invalidate your insurance so can no longer practice as a permanent makeup technician.
I don’t sell anything or restrict you from using any other product in the future. we simply give you the wholesale details of where to purchase all your supplies.
I will give you my best-kept secret suppliers Rolodex of where to buy direct from wholesalers.
It saves a busy technician £10,000 to £20,000 per year in products supplies alone!!!

Stressed Permanent Makeup Artist

#Industry Secret 4. Machinery Was not Tuned to Your Hand & Your Colours Are Fading Weird Pinks, Blues, Orange and Greens…


The machine that I train all my students on is imported from Los Angeles, USA and is by far the best in the world and here is why.

The machine accepts pretty much every needle cartridge on the market today. This means that you will not have to buy a new machine every time a new procedure comes out that requires a different type of needle.

Unlike any other machine in the permanent makeup industry, this one can be tuned to the technician’s hand to ensure that light-handed and heavy-handed technicians can produce the same perfect result.
This machine is also completely silent meaning your clients don’t feel like they are at the dentist as other machines can sound like there is a pneumatic drill going off in their ear. The calmer your client is, the easier your job will be.
So don’t feel tied down any longer to use only one brand. If you have the right mentor you should be free to use what they teach you about permanent makeup as a loose frame work in how to do it.  It should be about your business and your brand, not theirs. You have the freedom do it your own way, but I’ll give you the guidance and my proven and tested way.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with pigments changing and colour theory then that is not your fault.  It’s likely a quality problem in the pigments you are using that will have you blaming yourself and going around and around in circles for years whist ‘requiring you’ to attend multiple colour theory workshops, by your training company.
We import our pigments from Canada and the US. They are vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, medical-grade and extremely long-lasting.
These colours have been permanently stabilized so that they fade out very gradually over time. You may have seen some horror stories online with clients ending up walking around with blue, pink, grey orange or any other weird colour eyebrows. Our colours are designed not to do that.  

Colour Solutions for Permanent Makeup Artists

Here are a few other highlights about the quality of the pigments we recommend …

Permanent Makeup Pigments
  • Pigments meet all of the FDA and EU regulations for safety, testing, quality control and manufacturing
  • Using only the finest grades of oxides and lakes
  • Same ingredient used in makeup giants Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Truco, Guerlain, MAC, Chanel, and Gucci cosmetics
  • Supreme colour concentration
  • You’ll be learning multiple pigment brands that you trainer has found best for Brows, Eyes, & Lips
  • Colours remain true and have very thick consistency eliminating costly and time consuming touch-ups
  • All bottles are encoded with lot numbers and expiration dates
  • All bottles are heat sealed and tamper proof
  • Unblemished safety record and constant adaptation to meet current trends and regulations means that our customers and clients can be assured of the safety of all products and treatments
  • All inks come with COSHH data and MDS sheets
Permanent Makeup Insurance Qualifications

#Industry Secret 5. Your Permanent Makeup Insurance & Qualifications Are Useless Because You Don’t Feel Confident in Your Skill-set.


Qualifications in permanent makeup can be a minefield with every training company telling you theirs is the best or the only one which is industry certified.

When you download our course options you will find out about the different types of qualifications on offer and which is best for you. (You need to understand this or you may end up not being insured to practice in permanent makeup after your training.)

All of our start up permanent makeup course options are fully accredited and insurance approved and you will be insured for public liability & treatment risk throughout your training models, case studies and first year in practice, enabling you to simply renew your low cost policy when the time comes.

If you’ve already got all the certification but you just lack the confidence go over to katyjobbinsmasterclass.com because there’s so much more for you to rebuild your permanent makeup career over there.

No Permanent Makeup Support After Training

#Industry Secret 6. No Back Up or Support After Your Training Ended, Meaning That You Feel Completely Adrift in the World


One thing I wish had been around when I first trained would be the backup and support from my initial trainer.

Just to be able to send my first few pictures of clients to make sure I was on the right track would have been more than helpful.
What you will find with many training companies in permanent makeup is that once you have left the course it is hard to get hold of your trainer, especially if they are freelance.

Our helplines are open 24/7 for the first year after training and by that I mean my personal mobile number, not a generic landline that just rings through to an answering service. A weekend can feel like forever when you are waiting for someone to get back to you who is only available from 9-5 Monday to Friday.
All my methods taught at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy are uniquely developed by me and are trademarked so I should be the one to help you if you are struggling with any part of it once you leave. The support extends well beyond finishing your course and coming back for your troubleshooting day. I like to keep in touch with my students for as long as they need that helping hand.

If you are not one of my students, then sadly the back up and support will not be included. However, the good news is that I can help you come on leaps and bounds if you have all of my information products which I have spent the last 15 years developing.
In them, I have distilled down everything I know about running a successful permanent makeup business and you can gain access to all of my helpful information, books, videos and training sources from anywhere in the world providing you have access to the internet.

Permanent Makeup Training Secrets

They were just some of the secrets I discovered myself as a permanent makeup artist and over my time training new and experienced technicians.


Although sadly, I’m unable to help more technicians, in person, get their permanent makeup skills and businesses back on track (because there is only one of me, and I only ever train one person at a time), I have created this online learning package that deals with everything from:

  • How to become more confident in your permanent makeup procedures by simplifying them to look less like rocket science
  • How to set up a professional permanent makeup clinic even on a shoe string budget
  • How to price and package your permanent makeup services for success
  • How to attract your dream clients with emotional branding
  • + Much, Much More…

I’m here to help you if, like myself and my students…you’ve encountered any of the problems above…
…then make sure you keep working through this Masterclass series because there is so much to learn that will help improve your permanent makeup business.

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